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The Divorce Solution is unique in that it will assist you in moving through your divorce experience from your perspective as a woman, or as a man. This book is composed of two distinct parts Mostly for Women that focuses on how women react and respond during their breakup and divorce experience. And Mostly for Men, which highlights the ways men think and act as they go through their divorce experience.

This book will give you a compass and a map as you navigate through your personal pain to real life gains. Ann and Jack have been there and know how to use stories and metaphors to illustrate a point and motivate you to take your next best step.

You know when to start. You know why you must.
You are ready to learn how.
Now is the time.

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  The Divorce Solution - Mostly for WomenMostly for Women tells our side of the divorce story, the expressions and experiences, the pain, the indecision and the tenacity it takes to go from Bitter to Better!

The Change Cycle is a model that can immediately show you where you have been, where you are and where you can go in your divorce experience. By the time you finish reading through each of the six predictable and sequential stages, you will easily be able to identify which stage you are currently in and then be able to work your way through the rest of The Change Cycle.

This book can give you insight, practical skills and strategies to help you understand how to make it through this ordeal to land on your feet as an emotionally, mentally and spiritually safer, stronger and more confident woman. Men who read Mostly for Women can benefit by understanding what we feel, think and will do to achieve our Divorce Solution To Go From Bitter to Better!


The Divorce Solution - Mostly for MenMostly for Men speaks about experiences of divorcing men through the voices of many men.

Rarely has anything been written by a man for men facing the throes of divorce.

The male reader will be glad to know he is not alone in his painful and fearful trauma of divorce. He will discover how to chart his own way by learning from other men who have been there, who understand men willing to speak up.

He will learn how to spring back from divorce as a better rather than as a bitter man, even while taking on issues like: money, power and control; destructive behaviors; forming new friendships; proactive fathering; sex; and more.

Women readers will gain insights into how and why we do the things we do. Hopefully, they will understand the pain men have been trained to hide and support them to achieve their Divorce Solution To Go From Bitter to Better!



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